Health Professionals

The WA preconception carrier screening project is a multicentre pilot study in which 250 couples will be offered preconception carrier screening testing. This study aims to identify the necessary requirements to deliver an end-to-end preconception carrier screening program compatible with the WA public health care system. 

The study will be conducted at three sites: Genetic Services of Western Australia (GSWA), a private genetic counselling clinic, and participating General Practice Group practices in the Busselton region of WA. Couples are eligible to participate provided they are both 18 years or older and not pregnant at the time of recruitment.

On-going research and evaluation of effectiveness will ensure the study remains responsive in this rapidly changing field.

The study poster and brochure below will provide you with more information about the study. If you have a couple interested in participating please get in touch with the study team who will give you further details on where to refer them.

Preconception carrier screening poster and brochure

Study Poster

Study Brochure

Preconception carrier screening panel gene list

Study gene list

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